Terms of Reference
No. 1 Power Plants - Wind Farms, Hydro, thermal, nuclear

No. 2 Electrrical transmission lines and substations

No. 3 Pipelines Conveyors and underwater cables

No. 4 Port & Harbour, Shipyards, Marinas TOR

No. 5A Human Habitation

No. 5B Hospitals & Health Services Facilities

No. 5C Recreational and Leisure Facilities

No. 5D Transportation Centres terminals, depots and ports

No. 6 Ecotourism & Nature Tourism Projects

No. 7 Water Treatment and Storage

No. 8 Mining and Mineral Processsing

No. 9 Metal Processing TOR

No. 10A Inustrial Projects - Food Processing, citrus, coffee, fish and meats

No. 10B Industrial Projects - petrroluem production

No. 10C Industrial Projects - Manufacturing paint, textiles, pulp, pesticides

No. 10D Industrial Projects - offshore drilling

No. 11 Road Construction

No. 12 River Basin

No. 13 Water Management

No. 14 & 16 Drainage projects, dredging, excavation, land reclamation

No. 15 Watershed development & soil conservation

No. 17 Generic Storage etc Solid Waste TOR

No. 18 Hazardoue Waste Storage, Transporation, treatment or disposal facilities

No. 19 Agro Processing and processing of Ag. Waste

No. 20 Cemeteries & Crematoriums

No. 21 Introduction of species flora, fauna genetic material & genetically modified organisms

No. 22 Abbatoir TOR

No. 23 & 24 Felling of trees & Land Clearance