Falmouth Cruise Ship Port Development - Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental impacts specified in a typical Terms of Reference (TOR) can be grouped into four components (study disciplines), namely:

• Physical/Chemical
• Biological/ecological
• Sociological
• Economic/Macroeconomic.

Sensitive parameters in the study disciplines that describe the impacts for the current situation as well as during and after development are typically assessed for their overall impact using the rapid impact assessment matrix (RIAM) method (Jensen, 1998). This method provides an overall assessment where there are multi-disciplinary factors as the method allows data from different disciplines to be analysed against common important criteria within a common matrix, thereby providing a clear assessment of the major impacts. The assessment is done for each project alternative including the “do nothing” case.

TEM Network has carried out Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for a variety of projects including:

• Port development
• Dredging and Reclamation
• Housing development
• Oil refinery expansion
• Resort Development