Little Bay Housing Development Being Constructed Under Permit
Permit Applications
Under Jamaica’s NRCA Act, A Permit is required to undertake any construction, enterprise or development of a prescribed nature anywhere in the island and the Territorial Sea. The permit is intended to safeguard the various environmental/natural resources from direct damage due largely, but not exclusively, to physical development.

With our knowledge of the permitting process and the review cycle within the National & Environment Planning Agency (NEPA) we can assist you in applying for a permit as required for most development projects.

Some of the Prescribed Categories of Project/Enterprise under the NRCA (Permits and Licences) Regulations, 1996 are:

• Power generation plants
• Pipelines and conveyors
• Port and harbour developments
• Subdivisions of 10 or more lots
• Housing projects of 10 houses or more
• Hotel/resort complex > 12 rooms
• Ecotourism projects
• Sewage and wastewater treatment facilities
• Mining and mineral processing
• Metal processing
• Industrial projects
• Petroleum production, refinery, storage and stockpiling
• Food processing plants
• Fish and meat processing plants
• Distillery, brewing and fermenting facilities
• Construction of new highways
• Irrigation/water management projects
• Land reclamation and drainage projects
• Watershed development projects
• Solid waste treatment and disposal
• Cemeteries and crematoria
• Introduction of species
• River basin development projects
• Hazardous waste storage or treatment or disposal facilities
• Processing of agricultural waste