Recent Projects

Selective Homes little Bay Negril Development Construction Monitoring

Technological and Environmental Management (TEM) Network Limited was contracted by Selective Homes Ltd to monitor the construction works at the Little Bay Country Club, Rutland Pen, Hanover, Jamaica. The monitoring programme included periodic monitoring of construction, as a requirement of the conditions outlined in NRCA Permit. The development site lies adjacent to the Orange Bay Fish Sanctuary. The approved Environmental Monitoring Plan comprises monitoring of on-land construction works as well as monitoring of adjacent inshore coral reef and sea grass ecosystems.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment at National Library of Jamaica

This indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment was carried out by TEM Network for the National library of Jamaica (NLJ), as a first step in identifying and resolving issues of indoor air quality relating to storage and handling an of information media.
In addition to literary material, NLJ stores/handles film and microfilm, a substantial quantity of which comprises cellulose acetate.
The IAQ assessment involved literature review, discussion with key personnel and data collection. Passive monitoring methods were employed to determine the state of deterioration of acetate media, as well as indoor ambient levels of acetic acid vapour. Recommendations were made regarding improvement in the management of film and enhancement of IAQ.